.NET Core & DevArt Entity Developer

With the release of .NET Core, we have begun to investigate upgrading our frameworks to this new version. While we love the idea and ideals of .NET Core, we immediately ran into a major roadblock when migrating our code. We make use of code generation extensively in our multi-tier applications. Generally, we generate code using… Read more »

Top 10 web design trends for 2015

Let 2014 be known forever as a great year for website design. Our wild-west industry continues to grow up and progress, becoming more standards based and user-centered (in many ways instead of self-centered), while at the same time continuing to innovate with new ideas on how to apply technology to design. The online experience is… Read more »

Agency Cadre Recognized As An Official Sitefinity CMS Solutions Partner

We are excited to announce that Agency Cadre was recently named an official Sitefinity Solutions Partner, making us one of only a handful of web design companies in Georgia to achieve the lofty status. For those of you who are not familiar with Sitefinity, it is an enterprise level web content management system, or CMS,… Read more »

Your SEO and Google’s Recent SERP Updates

Although you may not have noticed, Google recently made some big changes to the way they are presenting information on their search engine results page, or SERPs, and it has quietly disrupted some of the foundational best practices of search engine optimization. On the surface, Google has made a move towards presenting basic results in… Read more »